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    Task: To develop a DIY lamp.

    Abazhurus — a modular lamp for you to build. The kit includes 20 identical plastic pieces with perforations and tabs, which easily snap together into different shapes.

    abazhurus parts

    Using more building blocks will result in more complex forms and figures of the finished lampshade. Each part has an opening for a bulb to fit in, so you can install it wherever you like.

    abazhurus pyramid
    Pyramid, 16 pieces

    Abazhurus can be hung from the ceiling as a pendant or be put on a leg as a floor or table lamp.

    abazhurus sphere
    Sphere, 20 pieces

    Abazhurus works well with frosted energy-saving bulbs or LEDs.

    abazhurus ellipse
    Ellipsoid, 16 pieces

    Release date: February 14 2011


    art director
    Pavel Kuleshin
    packaging designers
    Pavel Kuleshin
    Evgeny Zorin
    project manager
    production manager

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