Making of the Abazhurus

Overview   Manual   Package   Process   Hi Res  

Preparing the assembly instructions.

Studying our design sketches. Making them easier to understand.

abagurus process 1
abagurus process 2

In the meantime checking how it fits the manual.

abagurus process 3

At this point we clearly need photos of the finished samples.

We put some Abazhurus’ together, testing our manual in the process. Taking photos.

abagurus process 4

Redoing the instructions layout.

abagurus process 5

Working on the packaging.

abagurus package process 1

First sample.

abagurus package process 2

At first we had an idea to put stickers on cardboard.

abagurus package process 3
abagurus package process 4

But we end up with a cleaner solution.

abagurus package process 5

Order a design...