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ABI Financial Group corporate identity package

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Christopher Columbus discovered Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean during his second expedition to the West Indies in 1493.

The country occupies two small islands (Antigua and Barbuda) and a tiny one (Redodna, 1.6 sq km). One of the British colonies since 1667, the state gained independence November 1, 1981.

ABI Financial Group was founded in the early 1990s. Today, it’s a group of ten companies offering a wide range of financial services at home and abroad.

ABI companies logos

We started working on the corporate identity package early in 2004. By January 2005 everything it had been completed.

ABI Financial Group began using the new identity design.

Letterhead, envelope and business cards


Release date: January 19 2005


art director

The new logo has inherited the arrow element

.Ag, the Antiguan domain extension, is the same as the name for silver in the periodic table.

78-page brandbook includes general design guidelines, as well we recommendations for using varios documents, letterheads, envelopes, business cards, application forms, and other corporate papers.

Brandbook double-page spreads

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