The making of the universal age restriction signs

Overview   Process   Real Life   Vector  

Proposing first options.

plus process 01

Designer: I’ve tried making the plus in reverse to make it a bit more subtle. Also, I’ve tried looking for simpler forms.

plus process 02

That’s better. Continuing.

plus process 03

Designer: I’ve corrected all the sharp corners and inscribed the plus into an octagon to make the shape more closed and comfortable.

plus process 04

Art director: I think here we have a shape that’s simple, yet with a distinct character. The modern plastics gives it an air of a forbidden fruit. The stop sign is easily readable in both color and monochrome variants.

Artistic director: I can see the advantages. Now for the problems. How will it look against color backgrounds? The shape is not closed. It looks like a pharmacy sign. The digits are too bright for the eyes.

plus process 05

Making corrections.

Sending to the type designer.

Order a design...