Ak Bars bank advertising campaign

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to introduce a bank card in a fun way.

Ak Bars bank has issued a debit card whose owners get back part of the money they spend, enjoy pleasant gifts and make use of increased interest rates on the balance of their account. An advertising campaign for the card including a slogan, a cheerful video, a booklet and a poster was created at the studio.

One of the main advantages of the card is cashback. The idea is simple: you get your salary deposited to the card, spend it and get money back for each purchase you make. Which means, the money you earned earns you more money. This phrase became the slogan of the campaign.

Another feature is the fact that the card is printed on green plastic, so its edges are also green. This makes the card easy to recognize in the wallet: the green edge stands out among other bank and discount cards which are typically white. The signature edge became the core of the advertising campaign: no one before has advertised a bank card with a view of its side.

In the video, the edge acts as a green cashback stripe. Purchase some tangerines and get an orange, buy some milk and run to get the free coffee, purchase a cake and treat yourself to a big pie.

akbars card2
The green edge
separates the world
of earning and spending
money from pleasant pur-
chases. In printed advertising
the edge is represented
as the line in the
percent sign.
The role of
the round elements
can be played by any ob-
jects of similar shape: in-
flatable swim rings, Christ-
mas balls, circus arenas,
cups, donuts, earrings,
planets, etc.

For the poster and the booklet we chose an emotional scene where a sunny seaside resort provides an expressive contrast to routine office work.

akbars girl
Every day the cardholder is getting closer to their dream

All advantages of the AK Bars card are described in the booklet.

akbars booklet 01

akbars city2





  • Video production

executive producer

  • Konstantin Melnikov


  • Elizaveta Goroshnikova


  • Polina Varfolomeeva
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