• Graphic design
  • Ak Bars Bank
  • The making of the Ak Bars bank advertising campaign

    Overview• Process

    Starting to gather ideas.

    akbars process 02
    akbars process 03

    Creating a presentation with promising designs.

    akbars process 04

    The client chooses the Green Stripe concept.

    Developing the idea. Working on the scenario for the video.

    akbars process 05

    Creating an animated prototype of the card.

    Working on the design of printed materials.

    akbars process 06
    akbars process 07

    The art director asks to forget about the card and think about the objects and cashback, similar to the last sketch.

    akbars process 08

    The art director approves the design with the sea and the workplace. Finalizing the version with objects.

    akbars process 09

    Art director: OK, let’s show it to the client.

    The client doesn’t like the girl on the swim ring. Replacing her.

    akbars process 10

    Too noisy. Trying to tone it down: getting rid of extra details, thinking about lighting. Rotating the card to face the girl.

    akbars process 11

    The client doesn’t like the design with the garden. Going back to the girl in the sea. The photographer takes photos of the model, the modeler renders the environment. Putting everything together.

    akbars process 12

    Starting to typeset the booklet. Getting a rough sketch from the designer and the text from the client. The booklet should match the general style of advertising products.

    akbars process 13 1

    Taking photos of the cake before eating it. Taking photos of the coffee before using it to wash down the cake, then proceeding to render the card.

    akbars process 13 2

    Marrying the text with the pictures. Toning down the small print but making it as readable and noticeable as possible, as per the client’s request. 30 exports later getting the result that has everyone satisfied :)

    akbars process 13 2

    Moving on to the video production stage. The director suggests his creative vision. Discarding the white background. Giving each scene its own background to better reveal the plot.

    The approach is approved. Filming.

    akbars process 16
    akbars process 17

    Editing, toning, recording sound. Done!