Alex Glushko plastic surgeon website

Task: to show the aesthetics of surgery.

assembled and populated by the client

Doctor Alexander Glushko is a plastic surgeon. Anyone who wants to change the shape of their nose, tweak their chin or correct their bite, turns to him for help.

A logo and a website were created for Alexander in the studio, demonstrating all the subtle nuances of his work. The smooth curves that complement the graphics repeat the delicate movements of the doctor’s hands and form perfect lines right before the eyes of the viewers.

The website consists of three sections that correspond to the main areas of the surgeon’s work. Each section has its own color, and the internal pages contain useful details that help dispel fears and eliminate any preconceptions.

All photographs show real clients of Dr. Glushko.

ag pamyatki mobile

Beautiful leaflets containing important information were created to help prepare for surgery and subsequent recovery.

Special attention was given to the doctor’s tools. They were lovingly photographed and presented on the pages of the website.

ag instruments
ag instruments mobile

180 °С

There was even room to describe special cases used for heat treatment of the tools.

Complex terms are highlighted with color and clearly explained in topical articles. The unique content was written specifically for the website and is available in popups.

Important details such as anesthesia, sutures and threads were illustrated separately.

ag thread 1
ag thread 2

Thanks to the use of ultrasound, the surgeries are bloodless, saving patients from swelling and bruising. Postoperative videos serve as perfect proof of the benefits of this technology.

full volume
only love
no blood
no bruising
no pain

Special attention was given to the dressing stage. It is performed in several dozen steps, each of which is aesthetically illustrated on the website. The following illustration shows the patient easily removing bandages on her own.

Portraits of patients made two to three days after surgery help dispel any myths about swelling.

All stages of surgery were also illustrated in detail for clarity.

One of the key sections of the website is the portfolio which contains all of the surgeon’s work. There are hundreds of before and after photos taken from different angles. The layout can be easily adjusted to the viewer’s preferences.

Pages with detailed descriptions of surgeries and a selection of images are easy to flip through using arrows on the keyboard. Visitors can find cases similar to their own and see how the results correspond to their ideas of beauty.

ag inspiration

The Inspiration section contains photos from the lives of happy patients. They reinforce the idea that plastic surgery is not scary.


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