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Alfa Bank website 2.0

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[The work is in the museum]

Alfa Bank is the largest commercial investment bank in Russia. It has been one of the most diversified and reliable financial institutions since 1990. This new version of the Alfa Bank website may be put on the list of our best works.

The site stretches nicely to occupy 100% of the screen. Demograph technology allows instant access to the information you need

The site has intelligence of its own. Art. Lebedev Studio-developed Demograph enables to obtain the visitor’s location—it detects whether he/she is visiting from a financial institution, a publishing house or from home with 95% accuracy. And accordingly, the first thing to appear before a potential corporate client is the credit section, for a journalist it’s media information, and an individual sees the credit cards page. Demograph utilizes database information collected by us within three years.

Redesigned navigation features detailed menu containing main section links on the left. Double page-to-page navigation allows you to conveniently switch between sections and quickly return to the home page.

This website is a classic style information resource built using tables that stretch to the browser width.

Announcements appearing on the front and internal pages bring forward the latest news. The site thoroughly makes thorough use of Ushki, an invention of ours (see Gazeta.ru).

Another helpful feature is a convenient online calculator for figuring deposit amount.

Release date: July 31 2000


art director
Art. Lebedev Studio proprietary technologies:
  • Imprimatur
  • RotaBanner Local
  • Boltology Forum
  • Parser
  • Demograph
  • Only legal software was used in this project

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