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Alfa Bank website 5.0

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Task: to change the perception of banking websites.

The fifth version of the website of Russia’s largest private bank is built around a fundamentally new way of presenting a financial institution and its services.

Main page

Traditionally, clients of large banks have to deal with complex structure and infinite variety of services which makes choosing the right product close to impossible. The new principles of website organization make this task easier. The revised structure focuses on aims and needs of ordinary people described in plain language.

Nothing irrelevant

Release date: April 01 2015


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art director
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The website is managed using Imprimatur I proprietary technology

The studio wishes to thank Viktor Shkipin, Anastasia Ananyevskaya, Oksana Fedorova, Konstantin Gusev and Ivan Vasiliev for their help with the project

Flexible system of visual presentation of products and services allows of display different data sets depending on the context.

Private capital management

313 500р
Get money for distance traveledActivity accountApply now

Receive miles for account balanceAeroplan and Uletniy savings accounts

Each product page contains full information about the offer with a brief list of main features at the top of the page for quick reference. Visitors can use various calculators to easily estimate the cost of credit, profitabiliy of a deposit or the number of accumulated bonus points.

—Buckle up!

Vivid video backgrounds on product pages create the right mood and help users quickly find their way in the variety of offers.

Website navigation is based on the system of helpers that allow visitors to filter out unnecessary products.

Summary tables are used to compare multiple parameters of several offers
Comparing credit cards

Thanks to a convenient search system and a detailed site map, visitors can go to any section of the website from any page.

The revised structure provides maximum flexibility when working with complex materials, it can be used to create easy to read pages rich in information and functional elements.

Maximum possibilities

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