• Graphic design
  • The making of the Alpinola lozenges packaging

    Overview• Process

    Starting to work.

    Creating drawings for some of the ideas.

    Choosing a couple of them and showing to the client.

    The client asks to create more variations.


    Going back to one of the very first ideas.

    The designer chooses Malina studio typeface, adds ligatures and asks the type designer to work on them.

    The type designer suggests another way of connecting alp.

    Drawing the plants.

    New tastes, pine and linden, are added. Drawing them and the honey, redrawing the lemon.

    Trying various colors and textures.

    Choosing one of the designs, testing the layout.

    The format of the packaging changes, trying again.

    The client takes time to think and discusses the packaging with the artistic director.

    Making adjustments based on the client’s comments: they ask to add more sky and mountains to make the packaging more Alpine.

    Typesetting, discussing all details with the client, preparing for printing.