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    The making of the Spring and Labor Day poster (2013)

    Overview   Process   Hi Res  

    All we can think about is that it’s finally spring, and all curbs and fences in Moscow will get painted green and yellow.

    1 may 2013 process 01

    Art director: No, not great.

    Yup. Maybe paint the Kremlin walls? No, someone’s already made a joke about it. We’re hopeless. Oh, that’s it!

    1 may 2013 process 02
    Happy withering and idleness day

    Art director: You mean fall and laziness? I don’t know.

    Suffering from the lack of existential skills. Maybe like this?

    1 may 2013 process 03
    Arm yourself with patience. It’s only four months till fall.

    Art director: That’s better.

    Nope, don’t think so. Despair isn’t really out cup of tea. Then we’ll stick to the last year poster’s theme—simple and true to life.

    1 may 2013 process 04

    Not enough spring.

    1 may 2013 process 05

    Art director: Not bad.

    Drawing, typesetting, sending to print.

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