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  • The making of the Defender of the Motherland Day poster (2017)

    Overview• Process

    For many years, this day has been balancing between a civilian holiday of all men and a celebration of professional military. This time we decide to celebrate everyone who has a ripped six-pack. And those who in their pursuit of masculinity are ready to do anything.

    23 february 2017 process 01

    Art director: Then, make it more of a beer belly :-)

    Or skinny. Average, overall. Maybe, the letters on the cubes should say something?

    Art director:

    c u
    b e
    s !

    Or we could use the image of Saint George. Like have him share a drink with his horse.

    a man with his horse walk a field
    and the horse suddenly says
    don’t sign a song about this
    let it be our secret for days

    23 february 2017 process 02

    Art director: Probably not.