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    The making of the International Women’s Day poster (2013)

    Overview   Process   Hi Res  

    Designer: It’s time to tell girls something sweet. For example, “Darling, you are a goddess.”

    als 8 march 2013 process 01

    Art director: Not cool.

    Designer: Then this way.

    als 8 march 2013 process 02

    Art director: That’s better. Maybe join the eyes into the infinity sign?

    Designer: Isn’t the third eye enough? It just needs an eyebrow.

    Art director: Well, OK.

    Buying a cucumber, starting to draw. Maybe just draw Ryan Gosling?

    als 8 march 2013 process 03

    Nope, doesn’t look like him.

    The black-and-white version looks ticky-tacky. Trying delicate spring pastel shades.

    als 8 march 2013 process 04
    als 8 march 2013 process 05

    Art director: Let’s go with the one with the shoulders, but without a flower, or there’s no room for the logo.

    Designer: Damn!

    Redrawing the girl a couple of times. Deciding that we need more beauty. Getting rid of the hair rollers—it’s not the time to make fun of girls.

    als 8 march 2013 process 06

    Art director: Could be.


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