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The making of the Halloween poster (2013)

Overview   Process   Hi Res  

This Halloween, our theme is “pumpkins in Russian culture.” You know, the birch is our favorite tree, Pushkin is the favorite Russian poet, and our favorite fruit is the pumpkin.

In 1887, a prominent Russian artist Valentin Serov stayed at Abramtsevo estate with Savva Mamontov, an industrialist and patron of arts. Inspired by the lucid light of the fall and the youthful dew of Mamontov’s daughter Vera he painted his famous picture, “The Girl with Pumpkins.”

31 october 2013 process 1

Art director: Too cliché. It has been Photoshopped to death.

OK. Let’s turn to drama and speak out about the expansion of foreign traditions from which our culture suffers so badly. Pumpkin bombing.

31 october 2013 process 2

Art director: Let’s have another go.

The lack of principles is our forte. Going back to the traditions and drawing pumpkins in the Russian folk masterpiece. Wow, looks good! Khokhloma with pumpkins.

31 october 2013 process 3 1
31 october 2013 process 3 2

Art director: OK, fine.

Bringing in the master.

Sketch first.

31 october 2013 process 4

Drawing Khokhloma ornament. The designer asks to add more green.

Later realizing that it’s better without green. Right before sending to print deciding to use Pantone gold color.

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