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The making of the Halloween poster (2014)

Overview   Process   Hi Res  

Starting to think. We can use the most popular Halloween symbol, the pumpkin. Maybe, we can carve different smiley faces: Uzbek, Ukrainian, Indian, Japanese? After all, Halloween is celebrated all around the world. Or we can recall the old Russian tradition of throwing away a Christmas tree around May and show a rotten pumpkin being thrown away around New Year’s? Or we can make a perforated poster with a flat pumpkin where viewers can punch out the eyes!

Also, on the All Saints’ Day eve all the evil spirits come out. The traditional Russian bogeys: a wood goblin, a hobgoblin, Baba Yaga... or Lenin. Right.

Sending to the art director.

halloween 2014 process 01
halloween 2014 process 02
halloween 2014 process 03

Art director: Go with Lenin.


halloween 2014 process 04

Art director: Remove the word “Lenin,” it will make for a more subtle joke.

Making the joke more subtle. Done.

Order a design...