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    The making of the International Day for Tolerance poster

    Overview   Process   Hi-Res  

    All right, let’s think about what drives everybody crazy: sound of fingernails scraping chalkboard, dipping cookies in tea, nail clippings on the carpet, nose picking, grannies gossiping about you, corruption, fish bones, cyclists (for motorists), motorists (for cyclists and pedestrians), failed attempts to cover smell of sweat with perfume, homosexuals (for heterosexuals), heterosexuals (for homosexuals), lines, neighbors and their music, noisy children, drunk bastards, karma diagnosis, permanent eyebrow makeup, fat in soup, illegal and legal immigrants, Moscow pronunciation, pictures of sunsets, pictures of fingernails, pictures of food, dandruff on clothes, morning ride in the underground, etc. People will always find some annoyance they would want to rectify with the help of their baseball bat. Take for example the bogie of today—spoilers.

    16 november 2013 process 1

    Art director: We need more ideas.

    OK then.

    16 november 2013 process 2

    Art director: Better.

    What if? We just might piss off twice as many people this way.

    16 november 2013 process 3

    Art director: That’ll do.

    Deciding to make a nod to Banksy. Cutting out a stencil, putting it on a wall and painting over.

    16 november 2013 process 4

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