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The making of the Inventors’ and Innovators’ Day poster

Overview   Process   Hi Res  

Thanks to inventors and innovators, we have electricity, elastic bands in our underwear, canned fish and iPhones. They are true heroes, though few of them are widely known.

inventors day 2014 process 01

Art director: Give me more.

Playing with the idea that even the brightest minds have dark moments. Or the fact that all inventions are equal to people, from household ionizer to steam engine.

inventors day 2014 process 02

Art director: Not bad, but we can be more subtle. After all, it’s our first poster for this holiday.

So maybe like this? Or leave Nikola alone?

inventors day 2014 process 03

Art director: Yeah, he’s not as popular here as he is in the West. We have Kulibin instead.

inventors day 2014 process 04 2

Well... Then we choose the West. But we need a new symbol. A symbol of a successful, important, easily understandable innovation. Better not a perpetual engine, though. Ha, a bicycle!

inventors day 2014 process 05

Art director: Maybe.

Searching for the style. One and two.

inventors day 2014 process 06
inventors day 2014 process 07

Art director: The first one is OK Typesetting it.

Order a design...