The making of the Magic Card for customers and guests of Art. Lebedev Studio’s stores and cafés

Overview   Process  

Piling up the first sketches.

als magic card process 01

Art director: Nope, that’s not it. Let’s play with our logo. How about we turn it into a percent sign?

als magic card process 02

Art director: Needs to be more sophisticated. It’s gotta look cool.

als magic card process 03

Designer: Like this?

Art director: Cool, but that’s not exactly us.

Trying different approaches and solutions.

als magic card process 04

Art director: Now it’s about us and Arbat Prestige (a Russian perfume retail network).

Showing fresh sketches.

als magic card process 05

Art director: Now you’re talking. Numbers 1, 6 and 7 can see further development.

als magic card process 06

Art director: Print it out and hang it on the wall—let it ripen for a while.

als magic card process 07

Art director: We’ll go with the first. But our logo has to be on the front.

als magic card process 08

Art director: Also, the back needs some work. We have some unused percent signs somewhere, don’t we?

Designing the back without the percent signs. The back has to contain a bar code with a five-digit card number. A traditional EAN-13 is too large for that. Finding a more compact Code 128.

als magic card process 09

Typesetting and sending to a print shop.

als magic card process 10

First samples come from the shop.

als magic card process 11

It’s all very bad. Not a single parallel line, no correct blotting-outs. Changing the print shop and making our requirements more clear.

als magic card process 12

The concept has changed. The word “discounts” on the front has to be replaced with the word “magic” translated into different languages. First, we use Google Translate.

als magic card process 13

Typesetter: Should I ask someone for a proper translation, or are we short on time?

Art director: All the words must be correct.

Asking everyone at the studio to submit the translation of the word “magic” in every language they know.

als magic card process 14

That was fruitful. Exploring the difference between magic and wizardry in all these languages (because we need magic—good and pure), typesetting the card over again and sending to print.

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