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Magic Card for customers and guests of Art. Lebedev Studio’s stores and cafés

Task: to design a studio discount card.

We created the Magic card for customers and guests of the studio’s stores and cafés. The card allows to save on purchases of goods and to get discounts on food and beverages. Every purchase you make in the studio’s stores brings you points that you can use to pay for goods on your next visit (1 ₽ = 1 point). 3% of the cost of each purchase is converted into points. When the total sum of all purchases reaches 10 000 ₽, the rate will become 5%, after 20 000 ₽—7%.

als magic card face
Pure magic

Each card has a unique binary-coded number (like 1001 1101 0000 1001) which prevents the owners from holding silly competitions like whose number is shorter.

als magic card back

The points are given for purchases in both offline and online stores, though currently the points can only be spent offline. Also, the card provides the most pleasant discounts at all studio cafés and maintains its magic powers in our partner stores (though the conditions are different in each city).

als magic card promo
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