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    The making of the Christmas and New Year Poster (2014)

    Overview   Process   Hi Res  

    Christmas. As always, we start by visiting Google Image Search with a cup of strong unsweetened coffee so as not to overdose on sugar. Socks, gifts, deer, fur trees, Christmas lights—it’s business as usual. Christmas symbols however look more developed than our New Year mascots. It’s because they can represent any idea without looking odd. Bloody Santa? OK. Reindeer fighting for animal rights? Easy. Going with the reindeer: they’re an all-time hip favorite. Deer, trophy, stuffed animals, mounted animal heads. Sure, why not?

    als new year 2014 process 00

    Art director: Fuck yeah.

    Our busy designer elves get to work.

    Looking for suitable and diverse reindeer.

    als new year 2014 process 01

    Making a first approximation.

    als new year 2014 process 02


    als new year 2014 process 03
    als new year 2014 process 05
    als new year 2014 process 04

    Getting the art director’s approval.

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