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 Patterns catalog (PDF, 72,5 MB)

Task: to prepare a catalog of the studio’s patterns.

The catalog showcases patterns created for visual identities, industrial design objects, packaging, city environment, books, and such and also just for the fun of it.

als patterns cover

A license can be purchased for any pattern with a seven-character number next to its name. These patterns will be great on your products, interiors, or equipment.

als patterns interior
Paisley & Buttons pattern in interior design
als patterns wallpapers
Birds pattern on wallpaper

Our illustrators and designers craft patterns for textiles, wallpapers, greeting cards, calendars, corporate totes, websites, electronics front panels, cell phones, software interfaces, vehicles, and an endless number of other objects in need of an attractive design.

als patterns book
Morris-inspired pattern on endpapers of the fourth edition of Jan Tschichold’s The Form of the Book

Some patterns from the catalog were custom designed for visual identities and other projects.

als patterns lookvip
Corporate packaging and vehicles designed for
als patterns woshi
Packaging design for Woshi Woshi bath salts

Independent patterns are presented with comprehensive examples of use.

als patterns choco
Bean and Concentration patterns on milk and dark chocolate packaging
als patterns cards
Indian Paisley pattern on credit cards
als patterns iphones
Patterns on iPhone adhesive skins

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