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The making of the Sports Enthusiast Day poster

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This relict Soviet holiday is a good reason to look through old photographs of sport parades and note the evolution of sport uniforms: from spacious cotton bloomers to high-tech tights, from canvas slippers to designer running shoes. Today everybody is vigorously running and pumping again, but doing it with more style and the help of dozens of gadgets.

sportsmans day 2014 process 01

Of course, we can draw a hipster with bracelets. But we will never be able to beat Soviet sport propaganda with its deep hidden meanings.

sportsmans day 2014 process 02
sportsmans day 2014 process 03

We won’t even try. Tovarisch, if you don’t like sports, relax. As one famous woman once said, it’s “wasting time on wasting effort.” She died a sad death though, but sport had nothing to do with it.

sportsmans day 2014 process 04

Art director: Huh?

Дизайнер: He’s diving into a pool with a barbell.

Art director: Oh, OK.


sportsmans day 2014 process 05


sportsmans day 2014 process 06

Art director: The diving board looks like a finger. The idea is lost here.

sportsmans day 2014 process 07

Art director: Now it’s a snowboard.

Correcting the illustration. Done.

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