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    The making of the System Administrator Appreciation Day poster

    Overview   Process  

    This calls for a drink.

    Art director: Like, a milk ration for working in a hazardous environment?

    Designer: And some beer for a healthy one.

    Art director: It’s just that no one remembers about the milk anymore, that joke is dead.

    How about a goalkeeper and a network?

    Art director: I want to see something that sysadmins will like. Maybe, boating knots made of Ethernet cable? Like samples they have in yacht clubs.

    Something that sysadmins will like... Trying to put some pictures through the new fad, Google’s neural networks. Combining cables with beer, beer with girls, cables with girls and the famous crazy IT party with beer. The result is crystallized beer, the usual nonsense with dogs and something very unpleasant with eyes. The neural network simply can’t take girls and beer seriously.

    Then, every administrator’s favorite password.

    Art director: That’s something for our Brain Storage. You’ve got to think more about sysadmins.

    What if it’s just a random sequence of letters and digits? Like, a paper password generator to hang at your workplace.

    Art director: Generating passwords isn’t the only thing they do.

    No, let’s push it to the end. The creation of a user?

    Art director: OK.


    Art director: Use this password instead: jebb2SWcyJ2R8FbB

    Changing the password and sending the result to the typesetter.

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