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    The making of the World Egg Day poster

    Overview   Process   Hi-res  

    World Egg Day is a holiday invented by people who love egg dishes. That’s what we’ll stick with. Of course even flies lay eggs and considering that in Russian the words for eggs and testicles are the same there’s quite a room for nasty fantasies. But who cares? Let’s better think of something nice and sunny—morning omelet.

    11 october 2013 process 1

    Art director: Maybe make it more subtle? Like simply two halos floating above the frying pan.

    Designer: I meant to make it stupid, like those cheery moronic pictures. No?

    11 october 2013 process 2
    11 october 2013 process 3

    Art director: Ok, let’s do it.

    Getting down to business. Suggesting to add the third chicken, egg shells, and happiness. The designer decides to use pastel crayons to achieve cuteness.

    Setting the mood, starting to draw.

    Quickly putting together the composition.

    11 october 2013 process 4

    Drawing separate elements.

    11 october 2013 process 5

    Scanning and arranging.

    11 october 2013 process 6

    Working on details.

    11 october 2013 process 7

    Getting the art director’s approval.

    11 october 2013 process 8

    As a finishing touch, adding the hair to one of the chicken for extra cuteness.

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