The making of the Arctic Circle arch

Overview• Process

Looking into the situation. Right now there is an arch that was created over 30 years ago by Iultin road workers.

In the winter the snow level rises so much that no vehicles can go underneath it.

Starting to work on sketches. An arch as a part of a globe with a passage to the pole.

An abstract object: the polar border rises above the road.

A globe made of two parts.

The Arctic Circle is defined as a latitude beyond which the sun doesn’t set or rise for at least one day a year. Using the theme of the sun.

Realizing that we need to use the circle and avoid other shapes. Finding a simple solution.

Or a horizontal circle.

Or a more monumental design.

Coming to realization that steel objects of simple shapes look impressive in any season and any time of day.

The client agrees. Elaborating the design.