Arctic Circle arch

Task: to create an object to mark the polar border.

The intersection of the Egvekinot—Iultin road and the Arctic Circle is an important landmark for Chukotka. Local residents come here to be photographed for weddings and proms while travelers take pictures to illustrate their achievements. By the request of the Committee for Sport and Tourism of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, a grandiose arch that marks the Arctic and frames the majestic northern landscapes was created at the studio.

The Arctic Circle text on the giant metal ring welcomes everyone who crosses the polar border. Even oversized vehicles can easily pass underneath the arch including in winter, when the level of snow greatly increases.

arctic circle note

Thanks to the arch’s triangular cross-section and concave shape, letters of the text are positioned to face the viewer and the backlight can be built right into the arch. The shape of the arch creates a beautiful gradient of bright sky reflections, endless snow expanses and the sun.

arctic circle footer

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