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    Atmarkus 3G mug

    Overview   Packaging   Process   Hi Res  

    Task: to produce another version of the popular mug.

    Featuring the signature @-shaped handle, the new Atmarkus 3G mug is made of thick clear glass.

    What you see is what you get

    With a large, solid handle, Atmarkus feels pleasantly heavy. Capacity: 11.1 Fl. Oz. (330 ml).

    I want to be yours

    Atmarkus 3G

    Online price:  11  $
      ≈ 10  €
      ≈ 726  руб.

    Release date: February 11 2013


    art director & designer
    Artemy Lebedev
    Timur Burbaev
    Evgeny Maslov
    Aleksandr Pozdeev
    packaging designers
    Katerina Konova
    Nikita Nikitin
    production managers
    Anastasia Prischepa
    Aleksey Strelnikov
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