Autonomous Cars road sign

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to develop a visual concept of a road sign informing about autonomous cars driving on public roads.

In the nearest future there will only be self-driving cars. It will be the next stage of technical progress: vehicles will be driven by robots and the profession of a driver will become extinct, the same way it happened to elevator operators (less than a hundred years ago elevator doors had to be closed manually and elevators were run by operators). Today, when autonomous cars are being introduced in pilot projects across Russia, new road signs informing drivers of the presence of such vehicles on public roads were created at the studio.

Autonomous car zone begins

Autonomous car zone ends

Attention, autonomous cars on public roads

The signs Autonomous car zone begins, Autonomous car zone ends and Attention, autonomous cars on public roads were created in compliance with government regulations on road signs. They belong to the Special Regulation Signs section of the Russian Traffic Regulations. By 2018, the signs will be installed on the roads of pilot regions including Moscow, the Moscow Region and the Republic of Tatarstan.

autonomous car sign vehicle

autonomous car sign final

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The signs were created at the initiative of Cognitive Technologies, developer of autonomous vehicle system actively supporting social and legislative work in the area