The making of the Autonomous Cars road sign

Overview• Process

We receive the task to develop a sign for driverless cars: “We need a sign that could actually be placed on a road. The same sign may also be used to mark the cars themselves, similar to the existing Child and Ladies’ Shoe ones.”

Designers upload ideas into the studio’s Brain Storage.

autonomous car sign process 01

The art director chooses the most promising one.

autonomous car sign process 02

Developing the sign. Trying options with different location and number of the waves.

autonomous car sign process 03

The art director suggests to develop the design with the waves in perspective.


autonomous car sign process 04

Art director: The lines are weak and lack energy. This sign would have looked well in 1980.

Trying to draw the waves by hand instead of simply tracing a circle.

autonomous car sign process 05

Still, looks like a horse on a spring.

Making some more effort to draw the waves freehand and also trying a couple of options without the perspective. Attempting to make the car look more modern.

autonomous car sign process 06

Art director: Number 7 is getting close. Try to search for a better silhouette of the car and the headlights. Right now it looks like a crappy Soviet car.

Tracing various modern cars, looking at common features and drawing a neutral silhouette.

autonomous car sign process 07

Art director: OK.

Trying the result on all the signs.