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    Adangard Direct company logo

    Overview   Process  

    Task: to create a simple and strong visual identity.

    Avangard Вirect company deals with logistics, shipping cargo by land and sea. The employees of Avangard Direct charter vessels to deliver containers from the warehouse, dispatch cargo at the sea port, process customs documents, and provide warehouse storage and insurance services.

    avangard direct logo
    The logo contains hidden elements: customs border markings, chevron uniforms, and corner of a container

    Various applications of the new logo are described in the style guide.

    Release date: February 05 2013


    art director & designer
    type designer
    project manager
    avangard direct guidline logo
    Basic logo applications
    avangard direct guidline modul
    Modular grid layout
    avangard direct guidline ad
    Example of an ad page

    avangard direct packaging
    Custom packaging

    avangard direct carfreshener
    Сar air freshener

    avangard direct bigtruck
    Markings on vehicles

    avangard direct promo

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