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Visual identity for Avangard Direct

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Task: to develop visual identity for a company.

Avangard Direct company deals with cargo shipping and logistics. The studio developed additional elements of visual identity, slogan, and stationery, which complements the idea behind ​​the logo.

avangard direct slogan

avangard direct identity documents 03
Commercial offer, folder, and business card

avangard direct bag
Gift bag

Custom graphics were created for all elements of visual identity for Avangard Direct, which gently invigorates the overall strictness of the company style.

avangard direct icons
Shipping, logistics, and insurance in metaphors and symbols

The style guide includes additional sections on proper design of business documents and presentations.

avangard direct identity bb 01
Pages on presentation templates
avangard direct identity bb 02
Pages on stationery

Release date: August 16 2013


art director
project manager

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