Brain4Net interface mock-ups

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to simplify management of corporate IT infrastructure.

The Brain4Net platform is designed for management of geographically distributed networks of large communication operators, banks, retail chains and energy companies. It helps set up physical and virtual network devices, analyze their operation and distribute resources among users with the help of a convenient interface whose mock-ups were developed at the studio.

b4n dashboard
Administrators can customize the layout of control panel blocks depending on their tasks

Control panel blocks have several display modes based on their width.

b4n widgets 1
b4n widgets 2

Existing structure of the client’s network can be represented in three graphic formats.

b4n network 1
b4n network 2
b4n network 3
Data centers on a map, on a diagram and as a table

Structure of complex services is shown graphically. When an administrator needs to add a function, they can chose its icon from the instrument panel and insert it using a visual constructor.

b4n config 1
b4n config 2
b4n config 3
Diagram of network functions, controlling a single function and function links

A set of standard graphic elements was created for use in the design of the system’s pages.

b4n elements

art director

designer and interface designer

project manager

  • The studio wishes to thank Dmitry Zmeev, Anton Belov and Vadim Mirkushin for their help with the project.
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