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Baby Club corporate identity

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Baby Club corporate identity guidelines (PDF, in Russian, 18 MB)

Problem: Expand the logo design to develop corporate identity.

Squirrel, sheep, choc ice pop and other parts of Baby Club’s logo have set out to inhabit corporate reality.

Template for pull-tab flyers designed like the Б squirrel

Flying saucer, alien, can and their logo-mates are all found in the design guidelines.

Guidelines cover with the У ‘student driver’ sign

Turn over the envelope to meet the И alien’s silent gaze

Release date: September 14 2009


art director
privy councilors
designer & imposer

Baby Club teacher can be easily identified among the class by adult height and a special T-shirt.

The actual tee

Baby Club bag is handy—you can carry a large jar of something, for example

Baby Club brandbook includes guidelines for designing class doors, signs and windows.

Kids’ classroom

Order a design...