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Baby Club logo

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Problem: Design a logo for a network of children’s clubs.

Baby Club is a network of child development centers where kids are taught to read, count and write. Baby Clubs are already welcoming children in Moscow, Samara and Toliatti, and will soon open more centers in other cities of Russia.

The logo is designed both for those who can read and for the little ones who haven’t yet learned the letters. ‘Baby Club’ is spelled in Russian, and each character looks like an object whose name starts with that letter.

Glass jar, choc ice pop, sheep, alien, bricks, lamp, ears, squirrel

In addition to the large logo, we created a couple of smaller-size versions.

Here, the alien has fewer eyes and the sheep isn’t wearing his bow tie. There are some other differences, too

Release date: July 02 2009


artistic director
art director

Working on the logo, we kept rearranging the letters to make up fun non-existent words.

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