The making of the logo and corporate identity for Avangard Ukrainian basketball club

Overview   Process  

Searching for inspiration in pictures and logos of foreign counterparts.

bc avangard process 01

Drawing a bunch of sketches and demonstrating to the art director.

bc avangard process 02

Art director: The lightning with inscription and fire wings can be developed further. The one with the arrow is OK, the one with letter Ж—not so much. And the one with the flag looks like a toucan’s beak.

Developing the chosen concepts and checking out how they would look on real media.

bc avangard process 03

Art director: The last two are passable.

Meanwhile new ideas come pouring in. What if we use Varangian symbols? Seagulls, sails, Drekars, all that.

bc avangard process 04

Art director: We can work on the middle one at the bottom.

We suddenly come by two more alternatives: a belligerent and a minimalistic one.

How about we make use of the Cossack theme with sabres?

bc avangard process 05

Art director: No. The one with swords is plain Saudi Arabia, and the one with the cobweb—just no.

How about an ax-ball?

bc avangard process 06

Art director: Could be.

OK. Time to stop with the new ideas.

Putting all the concepts together, looking for the best styling.

bc avangard process 07
bc avangard process 08
bc avangard process 09

Assembling the pictures into a presentation and demonstrating them as an overall direction.

Client: The ax is not Cossack at all, it’s more like a Viking one. As for the one with the lightning, it would be best to give the ball less volume and add more aggression.

Making the changes, creating a number of variants for different media.

bc avangard process 10

Client: No, I don’t like the ax, but let’s see where we can get with the letter A!

Considering the shapes of the letter and of the lightning.

bc avangard process 11

Art director: Nope, still looks horrible. Keep on looking.

Getting valuable advice from the secret adviser, correcting the shapes and working on the typeface.

bc avangard process 12

Examining the media.

bc avangard process 13

Looking at what we came to. Finalizing the logo alternatives for various media sizes, the typefaces and the digits. Getting the client’s approval.

bc avangard process 14

Preparing the material for the brand book.

bc avangard process 15


bc avangard process 16

Order a design...