Beeline payment cards promo page

• Overview
Task: to present the benefits of plastic cards.

Release date: December 25 2015

Beeline payment cards allow to pay for products and services online and offline. With each transaction made with the card, owners get bonus points that can be used to buy products from Beeline stores or pay Internet, phone or TV bills. Moreover, owners of the cards occasionally receive gifts. All features of the cards and details of the program are presented on a special promo page, mock-ups of which were prepared at the studio.

A whole range of presents

Description of each card contains information about its features.

Each card has a unique number and an expiry date

Cards stand out with their original design and logo


All data is encrypted and stored on the chip


MasterCard payment system ensures security of transactions

Each purchase or cash withdrawal requires entering the PIN

Owner information is recorded on the magnetic stripe

Each feature is presented on a separate layer

To make the official information less boring, the page is brightened with images of holidays and familiar household chores.

Bonuses are saved for the end

All three ways to manage the card—on the website, with the mobile app or SMS service—are briefly introduced with graphic illustrations.

On managing the card using the selected method

Beeline customers can visit the promo page, appreciate the unique features of the cards and make applications at the company’s offices.

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