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    Overview   Process  

    Task: to create a user-friendly corporate communication management interface.

    The communication services management interface is created for Beeline corporate clients. Administrators in companies in charge of mobile communication of their employees have to manage hundreds and thousands of mobile numbers attached to different contracts and billing groups, as well as landline services that can also be geographically and legally distributed. A user-friendly interface that would make these complex tasks easier was created at the studio.

    Credential management is always at hand

    Updates are now always visible
    Search is available on every page
    beeline my business main
    The overall picture

    The ability to create custom user hierarchy simplifies the job of administrators.

    Group editing tools are brought together
    beeline my business faces
    All subscriber groups can be edited in one place

    The ability to apply standard operations to any number of subscribers saves time.

    beeline my business abonents
    The user selects subscribers from a list and performs the necessary operation once

    Bill itemization and comparison are presented in the graphic form.

    beeline my business billing
    It’s all clear

    Release date: May 30 2014


    art director
    Slava Kuteev
    secret adviser
    Ludwig Bistronovsky
    interface designers
    Anna Kleymenova
    Natalya Vlaskina
    Evgeny Panov
    Aleksey Nikitin
    technical designer
    Stanislav Seregin
    project managers
    Vladislav Pasechnik
    Varvara Lagutina
    The studio wishes to thank Beeline manager Andrey Belyakov for his trust, comprehensive help and direct participation in the project

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