Beeline mini account page layouts

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Task: to create mini account page layouts for mobile devices.

The mini version of the account page is designed for those who use Beeline mobile internet on their smartphone, tablet or desktop. The app can be accessed at any time by clicking a striped button at the edge of the browser window.

beeline my mini main
beeline my mini options
beeline my mini about
beeline my mini prefs
beeline my mini empty
On the account page users can check their balance, learn about additional services and benefits of the service as well as change their settings. When done, the page can be minimized, freeing up space on screen

Features of the app are briefly described on the About the Service tab.

Release date: December 17 2014


art director
project manager

From Beeline:

interface designer
project managers
beeline my mini circle 01
Traffic usage is illustrated by a decreasing battery bar
beeline my mini circle 03
Additional services are offered based on usage data for previous periods
beeline my mini circle 02
To prevent uncontrolled spending, the service can be suspended for a day or turned off entirely

Two formats of layouts that adapt to any screen size were developed to accommodate for different types of mobile devices.

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