Beeline online store layouts

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Task: to create layouts for a user-friendly online store.

Beeline online store sells mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, action cameras, players, headphones, GPS navigators and accessories. Visitors can purchase products, connect to Beeline network, choose convenient plans and order home delivery.

beeline shop main
Only most popular products on the main page

Each item in the catalog is displayed on an individual tile which contains its brief description. The variety of filters allows to choose gadgets that meet even the most stringent requirements.

beeline shop phones
Face to face

Control elements are located right on the tiles which makes studying and comparing products easier without having to wait for the page to reload. Products on sale are marked by special labels.

Background of the photographs can be easily changed for additional promotional effect.

Release date: December 05 2014


art director
project managers

From Beeline:

project managers
beeline shop colors 01
beeline shop colors 02
beeline shop colors 03
Yellowgreen and orange color options available

Individual product pages contain product description, customer and expert reviews as well as available payment and shipping options.

beeline shop iphone
Bright product range

Any products including gadgets and mobile plans selected in the online store or on any other Beeline website are put in the shared shopping cart.

beeline shop tarify

Checkout is centralized and equally convenient for everything that is sold on all Beeline websites.

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