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    Overview   Process  

    Getting the task from the client and making the first attempt at the design of the main page.

    Suggesting the design with large photos for each product category.

    Client: You got it wrong. We are planning to introduce lots of product categories, so a display of only the main ones will not work. In terms of range and sales specifics we are closer to Amazon than we are to the App Store.

    Working with the client to conduct additional research and coming up with a more traditional compact layout grid.

    Simultaneously working on the catalog.

    The solution is impractical. Deciding to use tiles to display products.

    The client likes the result.

    Evolution of product pages.

    Assembling a lorem ipsum page for developers.

    Showing separate animations such as adding a product to the cart.

    Breaking up the checkout procedure into individual steps.

    Adding comments to the layout and documenting bugs.

    Drawing the rest of technical graphics.

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