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    to create a logo for a cryptocurrency exchange.

    Bitgram is an automatic cryptocurrency exchange service and an ambitious information website.

    The service is planning to create a school for talented children who are enthusiastic about blockchain technologies and pay them a grant before they start their university education (which will help quickly bring technology in Russia to unprecedented heights).

    A logo closely associated with cryptocurrencies and cryptotechnologies was created at the studio.

    bitgram logo

    Taking the main two letters of the word Bitgram and throwing in a metaphor for exchange.

    The letter B resembling the Bitcoin symbol neatly transforms into the letter g.

    The black zone between the letters symbolizes one currency changing into another.

    bitgram composition

    Bright and contrasting colors bring life to souvenirs and business letters.

    art director

    • Artemy Lebedev


    • Yaroslav Bondarenko

    project manager

    • Denis Zhelezny
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