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    The Bolshoi Theater logo

    Overview   Process  

    Task: to design a new logo while keeping the backbone elements intact

    The State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Russia—the country’s premier venue—is one of the most recognizable symbols of Russia. It’s known worldwide for being a major music and culture centre, true to the nation’s rich opera and dance traditions. The newly restored historical stage was re-opened in October of 2011. The update went far beyond the walls, bringing a need for the logo being remodeled as well, while keeping its core elements: the general shape and the image of the theater’s facade. The job called for extra care with the original materials as the Bolshoi logo is among Russia’s four most recognized logos. The modernization was an absolute success even with all the restrictions.

    bolshoi logo main
    Basic logo features all the must-haves with the historical stage building in the center. This facade is intimately familiar to all Russians, being featured on a hundred-ruble bill

    Release date: October 13 2011


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    bolshoi logo options
    Formal versions
    The grand version of the logo has it all, Muses included

    Upon the re-opening of the Bolshoi historical stage, the theater will present a number of unique projects, including visiting performances from the likes of Teatro alla Scala, Covent Garden, Vienna Opera, and Opéra de Paris. These special events have logos of their own.

    bolshoi logo black colors
    Welcoming international guests

    The logo allows for a full-color background.

    bolshoi logo black
    Modern-looking classic

    A special set of logos is prepared for small applications.

    bolshoi logo small
    A version with simplified graphics and less contrast in text

    Though, it looks great even when blown up all the way.


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