Boryspil International Airport website

Overview   Process  

[This work is in the museum]

Task: to create a website for the Ukraine’s main airport

Boryspil International Aiport is the largest airport in Ukraine which makes use of the most modern infrastructure and employs thousands of people. A new website friendly to all groups of passengers was developed at the studio.

borispol main
borispol main info
borispol main postcard
Three states of the main page: basic, informational and emotional

The sky on the main page changes its color depending on the time of day.

borispol daytime
Dawn, morning, day, evening, night

When a flight is selected, the page displays all flight-related information.

borispol display
Full version of the board

Every section of the website has its own icon.

borispol passenger services
Airport services catalog

New interactive maps were created to help passengers navigate the airport.

borispol terminal b
borispol terminal c
borispol terminal f
borispol view
Terminals B, C, F and overview

Release date: May 23 2012


art director
panoramic photographer and coder
project managers

The studio wishes to thank Kristina Bychkova and Alexey Smotrov for their help with the project.

The website is managed using Imprimatur I proprietory technology

Panoramic pictures show inner layout of the terminals.

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