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    Overview   Process  

    We start by studying the target audience, as well as passengers’ demands and desires. We create characters that we will use for all further work.

    borispol process 01

    Outlining key information areas and making the first approach to the main page.

    borispol process 02

    We decide that different types of users need to see different sets of elements. For example, luggage packing services will be of use only to departing passengers, whereas Kiev weather will only help the arriving ones. Creating a tourist map for visitors, marking major landmarks and hotels. Making sure the sections of the website are clearly distinguished.

    borispol process 03

    Trying out different design styles and showing to the client.

    borispol process 04

    It turns out the client needs a more strict and compact layout which would conform with the status of the country’s main airport. We offer a three-staged main page which will allow users to choose their flight, read all the important information and get a post card from the destination city.

    The overall direction is approved, yet it needs to be even more strict and compact.

    borispol process 06

    Yes, that’s what we were looking for. Thinking over the design of departures board, offering an unconventional solution.

    borispol process 07

    Making sure that the idea works equally well in color and on a large screen.

    borispol process 08

    The client believes that the board should be more traditional. Refining the board design and proposing to have the website background change depending on the time of day.

    borispol process 09

    Getting the client’s approval and moving on to internal pages. Trying to build the section pages in infographics style, but ultimately settling on a strict grid layout.

    borispol process 10

    Putting an informer on text pages to show live status updates of a chosen flight.

    borispol process 11

    Also inserting links leading to the interactive map to simplify airport navigation.

    borispol process 12

    Receiving terminal maps from the client and using them to create isometric views.

    borispol process 13
    borispol process 14
    borispol process 15

    Creating a convenient tool for adding points of interest to the map.

    x:  y:

    Drag the map to change location of the point of interest:

    Taking panoramic images and retouching them.

    borispol process 16
    borispol process 17

    Drawing pictograms.

    borispol process 18

    Looking for the style of navigation icons.

    borispol process 19
    borispol process 20
    borispol process 21

    Preparing airline logos.

    borispol process 22

    Visualizing branded bus route.

    borispol process 23

    Drawing a picture for the announcement.

    borispol process 24

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