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to draw funny pictures for a bank’s account on social networks.

Art. Lebedev Studio created a series of illustrations about Saint Petersburg for publishing on social network pages of Bank Saint Petersburg.

The illustrations contain 12 witty stories featuring everything we love about the country’s Northern Capital.

Old women, water and culture? Right there. Flood in Saint Petersburg is so polite it lets a grandma crossing the road pass.

Literature and depression? You got it. The pharmacy sells drugs called Brodskazon, Pushkinol, Gogolevit and even Depressonk (apparently, for the untreated cases of cheerfulness).

We even inserted a gentle joke about weather: a Saint Petersburg resident in front of a closet painfully tries to choose one umbrella out of a hundred.

Station platform Coat check Street kiosk Pigeons Chizhik Tourists

An observant reader will notice our careful attention to detail. Each of the illustrations was redrawn a hundred times over to feature even more Saint-Petersburg. The grandma sports old worn out boots, the locals wear gray sweaters and the pharmacy has a sign “Alas, no returns or exchanges.” It was hard, but we managed not to include any of the beaten jokes about the city.

We don’t want to brag (we do), but each picture makes us want to immediately print it on a t-shirt and wear every day.

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