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    The making of the Bank Saint Petersburg social network accounts

    Overview• Process

    Studying the bank’s brand book and exploring the city’s cultural values.

    Making several attempts: clay shapes and sculptures; letters written in ink as a reminder of the era of great poets and writers; high culture.

    Developing the calligraphy idea. Thinking of a way to create a recognizable format for ten categories.

    The categories don’t look coherent and miss the bank’s style.

    Going back to the brand book. Here’s an idea!

    Assembling a presentation and showing to the client.

    The client likes the result but wants the calligraphy to be more legible. The colors in the categories should be lighter and brighter, nothing dark: residents of Saint Petersburg already have their weather for that.

    Choosing bright images and photos.

    Coming up with category names and writing headings. Asking the type designers to come up with several variants.

    Inventing metaphors and sending everything to the technical designer.

    Going back to the cover and avatars.

    Nope. Remembering that the client asked to include more of the city image. Doing so in the form of a pattern, which we create with the help of an expert.

    Drawing the menu for the VK group.

    Assembling the guide and preparing sources for the client.