3D cadastral passport for BTI 24 central office

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to develop a prototype of a 3D cadastral passport.

In Russia, all real estate and the land on which it is built is registered in the public Unified State Register. An extract from the register for a single real property item is called its cadastral passport and contains drawings where boundaries of the item are shown in a two-dimensional coordinate system. The central office of Technical Inventory Bureau (BTI) 24 helps state organizations, developers and banks register their real estate titles, carry out technical inventory, conduct architectural replanning and ensure rational use of the land. By the request of the office, a 3D cadastral passport that would ensure the description of the coordinates of real estate items is as accurate as possible was developed at the studio.

The 3D cadastral passport uses three-dimensional parcels to designate sections of a space. 3D parcel drawings provide detailed information on the location and dimensions of all sections including walls, door and window openings as well as the external volumetric space located outside of the structure that is also covered by the owner’s property rights.

3D parcel of a structure, top and isometric views

The guide on creating and reading 3D parcels prepared at the studio explains why using level variation can cut down the number of variables stored in a database, how to best mark points on a drawing and when it’s not necessary to indicate distances between vertices of a parcel.

bti24 plans guide

We accept feedback on the feasibility of using 3D parcels in cadastral passports, their ease of use and processing. Cadastral engineers, architects, designers, engineers, realtors, developers, officials and everyone involved in real estate transactions including sellers and buyers, are invited to participate in the discussion.

All messages sent using the form will be carefully read by BTI 24 director general Denis Adamsky and technology director Alexei Borisek.

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