Burger Kit logo

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to invent a logo for a burger shop.

Burger Kit is a Krasnoyarsk-based burger shop created by guys who “make burgers and love whales.”

They do not have any special positioning (burgers with cuttlefish ink! vegan! sweet! American style!), they simply aim to cook tasty food using good meat and welcome all guests.

A recognizable and friendly logo for the company was created at the studio.

The name of the shop combines two wonderful symbols: whales (a word that sounds like “kit” in Russian) and burgers. Everyone loves burgers, everyone loves whales. What could be better? A burgerwhale!

Making the burger similar to a whale, drawing an eye, a typical whale smile, a tail made of salad, et voilà!

The ketchup fountain symbolizes the juiciness of the burger.

The symbol is instantly recognizable and precisely conveys the name of the shop.

art director

  • Artemy Lebedev


  • Vladimir Zlydnev

project manager

  • Denis Zhelezny
Graphic design  Identities  Food  Express design