Corporate identity for Capsidea online analytics platform

Overview   Process  

Task: to develop a logo and a corporate identity for an analytics service.

Capsidea is an English-language cloud analytics platform for small and medium businesses that allows working with large data sets and displaying the results in the form of visual graphs and charts. The name, logo and corporate identity for the platform were developed at the studio.

capsidea logo
Complex and elaborate main logo is designed to be displayed only on computer monitors and mobile device screens

Numerous intertwining line graphs form a sign that hints at symbols of search and study: iris, radar screen and pie chart.

capsidea logo simple
Horizontal versions of the logo for printing

Release date: March 25 2014


art director
type designer
project manager

The brand book provides all information about the logo, its versions for various purposes and other elements that make up the Capsidea corporate identity.

capsidea bb colors
Opening of the brand book on corporate colors and typefaces
capsidea bb dark background
Opening of the brand book on using the logo against black background


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