• Graphic design
  • The making of the corporate identity for Capsidea online analytics platform

    Overview   Process  

    Studying the company’s sphere of business: various types of graphs, beautiful examples of data visualization. Looking for discrete elements that could form the core of the logo.

    capsidea process 01

    The first ideas.

    capsidea process 02

    A sea of data?

    capsidea process 03

    Looking through the service documentation, trying to find some numbers we can work with.

    capsidea process 04

    Four main elements—that’s something. Simplifying the graphs to the extreme.

    capsidea process 05
    capsidea process 06

    Four bars if you look from above—four levels, four simple steps, totally user-friendly, almost game-like.

    Turning to parametric graphics, scripts and functions.

    capsidea process 07
    capsidea process 08

    Beautiful. Looks like an iris. The artificial intelligence that can glimpse into the future and predict the fate of the business. Maybe this is what we need?

    Art director: Let’s give it a try. And the steps, too.

    Making presentations for the two opposing concepts and showing to the client.

    The client chooses the eye.

    Working on the shape, adding a reflection to make it more recognizable.

    Going to the type designer for the text part of the logo. We want something futuristic, digital, robot-like, but in moderation.

    capsidea process 09

    Generating complex patterns.

    capsidea process 10

    Making simplified versions of the logo and the icons, assembling the brand book.

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